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…in 101 installments.

In this installment, we cover the first step: Compose one or more songs.  And by all means, when a tune hits you, get it recorded.  Use a Zoom thingy, or your studio setup, or voicemail, or your African Grey Parrot to get it documented.

Next month, Installment Two.

Ok, ok; I’ll cop to it…this is indeed a Gag Post.  Purely for the benefit of chain-yanking, the benefactor of which, specifically, is Bosco.  Or Peck.  I forget which of them runs their twitter account, @boscoandpeck.  They’re a tight little band from not too far from here.  Tight enough, in fact, that I’m not above linking their Soundcloud Account.

So anyway, we were tweeting back and forth that if you’re not careful whom you follow, as a musician, you’ll have an echo chamber of folks tweeting a never-ending promotional cacophony the likes of “101 Ways To Get Signed!”

So that’s that.  Oh, and our twitter handles again: doug_trianglex and steve_trianglex.  Feel free to follow us, but if we even catch a wiff of promotional echo chambery shenanigans, we prolly won’t reciprocate.


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