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Album cover by Alicia Searcy

Yes, we’ve finally put the wraps on our collection of new old material, “A Passing Glance Of Recognition.”  We’re still working on the Bandcamp gingerbread – you know, the bonus stuff that comes with the full album download.  Meantime, there’s a mighty fine pre-sale deal going on.  For a mere $5.00 USD, you can get 4 choice cuts for download instantly, and then download the rest starting 11/1/2011.  Which includes the gingerbread, of course.

Although this is a retrospective, it’s more than an exercise in moving some faders around, throwing some limiter on, and putting it out.  First, we had the fresh perspective of Matt McCabe of Finley Sound at the mixing board.  In addition to a fine set of ears and a musical aesthetic that overlaps ours in many areas, he has some neat toys that our wives would emasculate us for buying.  Second, well, once we got into the old multi-tracks, it was just hard to resist hitting “record.” 🙂

So some tracks got the once-or-twice-thru with Matt.  Others got tracks replaced, added, un-muted, as well as structural alterations.  So it’s a good cross-section for the n00bs, but also has new sprinkles for familiar-with-our-crap types.

We also dispensed with the DIY artwork for this one, enlisting the talented Alicia Searcy for the artwork.  (You can also reach her at GalleryCelesta AT gmail DOT com).

Here be the tracks:

1. Chance Meeting 4:12

2. The Way She Loves You 3:02

3. Live Aid ’85 4:38

4. Schizophrenic  5:06

5. Ball  5:32

6. Second Ecstasy 4:12

7. Dr. Armadillo 4:02

8. Wake Up And Close Your Eyes  4:10

9. Anna Gonna Miss Ya  2:48

10. Olive Juice Part I  3:41

11. Olive Juice Part II 6:06

12. Mopy Rick  5:03

13. Conformity  3:51

14. Fetid Felicity  3:54

15. You Take The Bridge  3:41

16. Behind The Scenes (Acoustic Melody) 5:41

17. Revenge Of The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Suite 8:03

I.              Stolen Flight

II.            Massacre

III.         Aftermath

17 tunes for 5 bucks!  GO!

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