Technical Prep For H-Town

Reference CD’s

As our mastering date approaches, I find myself pondering what CD’s to bring to this mastering session from our collection to use as reference material.  So we’re going to use this page to list CD’s that we consider to have good sonic quality first, and possible use as reference as a reference for A/B’ing during the mastering session.  The albums in this list are going to have varying degrees of correspondence style-wise with the new album, but we will follow the primary criterion of quality and see where it leads us.  I emphasize the style bit, because this list isn’t meant to tell you what the album will sound like stylistically – you use the montage for that!

Also, being that Steve and I live a time zone apart, it’ll serve as a mutual scratch pad.  I’ll start it off with the first 3 for now.

-Doug 10-14-08

Throwing a couple of more in …. -Steve

Steely Dan – Aja

Dave Matthews Band – Under The Table And Dreaming

Peter Gabriel – So

John Scofield – This Meets That (ok, this one’s for honorable mention – we don’t have any jazz combo songs on this one, but I just love the way this one sounds!)

Bryan Beller – View and Thanks In Advance

Umphrey’s McGee – Anchor Drops (such a great blending and balancing of instrumentation on this one)

Blues Traveler – Truth Be Told

XTC – Wasp Star (Apple Venus Part II) and Nonesuch

Rush – Moving Pictures (How could we leave out one of our favorite bands, mastered by the great Bob Ludwig???!!!)